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We’ll help set your brand apart from your competitors in no time.

At Starling Media, we believe in a collaborative, process-driven approach to create (or refresh) your brand for success. The result is a powerful brand that guides your approach to marketing and differentiates your business from others. When your brand delivers on its promises at every point of contact, client satisfaction and brand awareness will increase. 


Analysis of your current branding

The first thing we do is conduct an analysis of your business’s current branding. We look at your logos, colour schemes, taglines, copy, images, fonts as well as the consistency of each throughout all channels. We ask critical questions to determine where your brand is now — and where you want it to go. Once those questions have been answered, we’re on our way to developing an effective, engaging brand campaign that will position your business as an attractive option for future clients.

Brand components


As part of a seamless, comprehensive branding strategy, we can create a new set of design guidelines for your brand. This can include new logos, colour palettes, fonts, and other design elements that will attract new clients and energise the existing client base. These design guidelines will enhance your existing visuals or create entirely new ones.

Tone of voice

Your business’s tone you use can make a big difference to how your message comes across. It’s the tone which impacts how what you’re saying makes people feel. We can produce a cohesive tone of voice across all communications which will help strengthen your brand. Therefore, you will come across as more authentic, and also be differentiated from competitors.

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room.”
Jeff Bezos
Founder of Amazon

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